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Circuit Breakers, Fuses, Switches, Motor Control Centers, Switch Gear, New Industrial Electrical Equipment, Unused Surplus Industrial Electrical Equipment, Used Industrial Electrical Equipment, Reconditioned Industrial Electrical Equipment, Motors, AC, DC Transformers, Panel Board, Bus Bar Fabrication, Mounting Hardware, Connecting Bus, Custom Order Bus Bar, Custom Metal Fabrication, Custom Switch Gear, Custom Motor Control Center, Motor Control Boxes, Electrical Gutters, Bus and Feeder Duct, Electrical Enclosures, PEARL Standard, Legacy Industrial Electrical Supply Inventory, Retro Fit Industrial Electrical Supply, Retro Fill Industrial Electrical Equipment, Remanufacture Industrial Electrical Equipment, Mechanical Engineers for Industrial Electrical Equipment, Electrical Engineers for Industrial Electrical Equipment, 24/7 Emergency Response For Industrial Electrical Equipment, 600V, 38KV, 38000V, 600 to 38000V, 3000HP, Switchboard, N1, N12, N3R

Molded Case Breakers, Insulated Case Breakers, Air Breakers, Vacuum Breakers, SF6, Breakers 600-38000V, Safety Switches, Panelmount Switches, Bus Switches, Load Interrupter Switches, Transfer Switches, MCC Buckets, 600V MCC, 5KV MCC, Switch Gear, Metal Clad Switch Gear, Metal Enclosed Switch Gear, 600V-38000V Switch Gear, New Industrial Electrical Equipment, Unused Surplus Industrical Electrical Equipment, Used and Reconditioned Industrial Electrical Equipment, Vertical Motor, Horizontal Motor, Toshiba, WEG, US, Leeson, Dry Type Transformers, Liquid Filled Transformers, MGM Transformers, Hammond, Distribution and Main Service Breaker or Fusible Types

Leadership in Electrical Safety

In addition to being a member of NEMA, RIC, SME, NFPA, IAEI, NETA affiliate, and an IEEE member sponsor, ROMAC is a founding member of the Professional Electrical Apparatus Reconditioning League (PEARL), a standards development organization dedicated to the safe reconditioning of industrial electrical equipment and components. PEARL also represents ROMAC's commitment to sustainability. Reconditioning and reuse keeps finished goods in service much longer and keeps their component materials out of landfills and waste streams during their extended lifetimes.

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