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From the original power source, such as the utility generator, transformers of medium- to high-voltage are used to step up or to step down voltage for the most efficient and cost-effective transmission of electrical energy. They can be found in utility switchyards, on power poles, in shopping centers, schools, manufacturing and process plants and more. Proper maintenance of transformers is critical, and proper preparation for re-application is no less critical.

Main Components of Industrial Motor Controls

  • Frame or enclosure
  • Back pan
  • Operating mechanism for disconnect
  • Pilot devices — pilot lights, pushbuttons, selectors, meters
  • Relays-timing, control, overload
  • Contactors, starters
  • Control power transformer
  • Instrument transformer
  • Wiring harness
  • Primary bus disconnect or “stab assembly”
  • Conductive metals

Common Types of Industrial Motor Controls

Common types of industrial motor controls include, but are not limited to, combination starter, industrial pump, magnetic coil, magnetic contactor, magnetic starter, manual starter and control relay.

ROMAC's Reconditioned Industrial Motor Control Inventory

Reconditioning is the process of returning electrical equipment to safe and reliable operating condition based upon the design of the original manufacturer at the time of manufacturing. ROMAC regularly carries inventory from all the major motor control manufacturers, including: Siemens, Cutler-Hammer, SquareD, Allen-Bradley, Furnas, ITE, and Gould. ROMAC follows PEARL industry standards to recondition a motor control beginning with the disassembly of the motor control unit down to its major subassemblies and components. Reconditioning procedures include disassembly, cleaning, degreasing, deburring, plating, painting, lubricating and adjusting. After reconditioning, subassemblies can be reinstalled in the now cleaned and painted enclosure or frame, including the addition of upgrades or options to improve the apparatus’s performance. Assembly of the reconditioned components and subassemblies is followed by final inspection and testing. As with all testing, inspection and reconditioning operations, final inspection and test results are recorded onto the Evaluation and Test forms included with the standard.

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