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Need better performance to meet expansion or code requirements or new insurance guidelines? Call ROMAC to see how we can retrofit your existing circuit breakers and other electrical components and subassemblies with state-of-the-art solid-state circuit protection technology or other cutting-edge features, such as alarm communication, phase-by-phase monitoring and zone-selectable ground fault monitoring.

Obsolete Parts

Can’t find obsolete parts for your older motor control bucket, panelboard or switchgear? ROMAC’s unique combination of new electrical products, surplus and reconditioned electronic components, and custom enclosures means that we can recondition and retrofit your equipment to fit the same circuit requirements, eliminating the need for you to replace existing cans and conductors.

Custom Electrical Equipment

ROMAC PCI’s in-house engineering staff provides custom-built electrical apparatus to fit your restricted space requirements or unusual bus configurations to match to existing new equipment. Unlike other OEMs, ROMAC PCI will design your equipment using the components you prefer to keep your inventories low.


Reconditioning is the process of returning electrical equipment to a safe and reliable operating condition based upon the design of the original manufacturer at the time of manufacturing. ROMAC follows PEARL industry standards to recondition most major electrical products, including:
  • Circuit breakers
  • Transformers
  • Disconnect switches
  • Fuses
  • Panelboards
  • Switchgear and switchboards
  • Motor control centers
  • Magnetic motor starters
  • Contactors
  • Wire and cable
  • Bus duct
  • Metal conduit, fittings & accessories
  • Lighting
  • Wiring devices
  • Connectors


Depending on the age of the electrical service and availability of spare parts, ROMAC’s electrical rental service can be the bridge from electrical problems to electrical solutions. ROMAC’s extensive inventory means we most likely have a replacement for your aging electrical components to make sure your operation keeps running. And ROMAC can also recondition, retrofit or retrofill your aging electrical components and service to make sure your only downtime is planned downtime.

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