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ROMAC HRC has been manufacturing mounting hardware kits for molded case circuit breakers (MCCB) since 1977, and the new 'EZCan' line of custom enclosures were developed in 2009. Our first customers were switchgear builders, electrical distributors and electrical contractors. All of these clients had requirements for hardware that was either unavailable from the original manufacturer or it was prohibitively expensive. ROMAC HRC filled the gap with manufacturing experience, flexibility of design, and reasonable cost.
Amps Make Type Kit Number Mtg   Amps Make Type Kit Number Mtg
150 C-H/W PRL4 21-A131FD4 T   150 GE APN 21-D137SED T
150 C-H/W CDP 21-A132FB1 T   225 GE AV1 21-D146TQD T
225 C-H/W PRL4 21-A141CA4 T   250 GE AV1 21-D156TFK T
225 C-H/W PRL4 21-A141ED4 T   250 GE APN 21-D157SFH T
225 C-H/W CDP 21-A142CA1 T   250 GE APN 21-D157SFL S
225 C-H/W CDP 21-A142FD1 T   400 GE AV1 21-D166TJK T
250 C-H/W PRL4 21-A151JD4 T   600 GE AV1 21-D176TJK T
250 C-H/W CDP 21-A152KB1 T   600 GE APN 21-D177SGD T
400 C-H/W PRL4 21-A161KD1 S   600 GE APN 21-D177SGH S
400 C-H/W PRL4 21-A161KD4 T   800 GE AV1 21-D186SKL S
400 C-H/W CDP 21-A162LA4 T   1200 GE AV1 21-D196TKM S
400 C-H/W CDP 21-A162LB1 T   1200 GE APN 21-D197SKH S
600 C-H/W PRL4 21-A171LD4 S   125 S/ITE FC1 21-B123ED6 T
600 C-H/W CDP 21-A172LA6 T   125 S/ITE S4 21-B128SE6 T
600 C-H/W CDP 21-A172LD3 T   150 S/ITE VB 21-B134EH3 T
800 C-H/W PRL4 21-A181MD4 S   225 S/ITE FC1 21-B143QJ6 T
1200 C-H/W PRL4 21-A191ND4 S   225 S/ITE VB 21-B144FJ3 T
100 FED CDP 21-C112NEF T   225 S/ITE S4 21-B148SQJ T
100 FED BDP 21-C115NEF T   250 S/ITE FC1 21-B153FD6 T
225 FED CDP 21-C142NEJ T   250 S/ITE S4 21-B158SF6 T
225 FED CDP 21-C142NFJ T   400 S/ITE FC1 21-B163JD6 T
225 FED BDP 21-C145NEJ T   400 S/ITE VB 21-B164JJ3 T
225 FED BDP 21-C145NFJ T   600 S/ITE FC1 21-B173LD6 S
400 FED CDP 21-C162NJL T   600 S/ITE VB 21-B174LD6 S
400 FED BDP 21-C165NJL T   800 S/ITE FC1 21-B183LM6 S
150 GE AV1 21-D136TED T   800 S/ITE FC1 21-B183MD6 S
            1200 S/ITE FC1 21-B193ND6 S
When combined with EZCan mounting kits, the EZCan Line can house most major electrical OEM's circuit breakers.

Already have a switchboard, but need it to hold a different OEM's MCCB?
ROMAC HRC hardware mounting kits are the solution that saves you money.

ROMAC HRC excels in helping customers acquire both commonly available and hard- to-find MCCB mounting kits. Our prices are very competitive, our inventory is solid, and our product knowledge and quality are unsurpassed. If you need a special kit that isn't available anywhere else, ROMAC HRC's engineers and fabrication technicians will custom manufacture it for you in a minimum amount of time.

ROMAC HRC now sells a full line of MCCB mounting gear and a full line of universal MCCB EZCan enclosures through a nationwide network of dealers and distributors. Let ROMAC HRC show you what our many customers have already discovered.

Highest Quality + Competitive Prices + Sound Inventory = ROMAC HRC

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