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Retrofitting refers to the process of updating older equipment with new technology. In the world of industrial electrical equipment, retrofits are regularly used to add functionality to many types of electrical equipment, including circuit breakers, motor controls, panelboards and switchgear.

Consider Retrofitting

Need better performance to meet expansion or code requirements or new insurance guidelines? Call ROMAC to see how we can retrofit your existing circuit breakers and other electrical components and subassemblies with state-of-the-art solid-state circuit protection technology or other cutting-edge features, such as alarm communication, phase-by-phase monitoring and zone-selectable ground fault monitoring.

Can’t find obsolete parts for your older motor control bucket, panelboard or switchgear? ROMAC’s unique combination of new electrical products, surplus and reconditioned electronic components, and custom enclosures means that we can recondition and retrofit your equipment to fit the same circuit requirements, eliminating the need for you to replace existing cans and conductors. Want to replace the entire component with a state-of-the-art component with mounting hardware that fits your existing enclosures? Check out ROMAC’s retrofitting service.

ROMAC was recently awarded a contract to retrofit 70 obsolete power breakers that the owner had found to be unreliable. They had repaired the breakers many times and replaced the programmer and upgraded the trip mechanism, only to still have major downtime frustrations. The owner of the switchgear was a major manufacturer of nutritional drinks known by their brand names such as Ensure, Glucerna, Isomil and Similac.

Considering the complete replacement of the gear was too costly, the customer decided to take ROMAC's advice and retrofitted the breaker with 100%-rated motor cage breakers with solid-state trip features. This proved to be the most logical solution in that no down time would be required to modify the existing switchgear. Utilizing the draw out breaker frame, we engineered a mounting bracket for the new breaker and we designed a new copper bus layout to complete the connection of the new breaker to the switchgear.

We designed and manufactured all new covers and doors to allow for proper equipment and personnel protection. The customer gained the reliability they were looking for but with the additional benefit of reducing maintenance costs.

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