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Depending on the age of the electrical service and availability of spare parts, ROMAC’s electrical rental service can be the bridge from electrical problems to electrical solutions. ROMAC’s extensive inventory means we most likely have a replacement for your aging electrical components to make sure your operation keeps running. And ROMAC can also recondition, retrofit or retrofill your aging electrical components and service to make sure your only downtime is planned downtime.

Consider Rentals if You:

  • Shutter the operation, replace and relocate the aging equipment, adding downtime, equipment and site preparation costs.
  • Swap out aging components with replacements and have spares reconditioned or retrofitted with the latest technologies.
  • Retrofill existing cabinets and panels with the latest components.

When faced with aging electrical switchgear, circuit protection, motor control and other critical infrastructure, the you must answer difficult questions, and the answer many times is renting.

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